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Life & Success Coaching

Life and Success should be part of your everyday existence. Too many people believe “successful living” is for someone else.

That’s an error in judgement that holds you back from living a life of fulfillment and sharing that with those people important to you.

Together we’ll work to clear the obstacles and put the right pieces together, creating a life that benefits you.

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Stress Coaching

Let’s face it, events happen in life that sometimes seem to come from nowhere. Sometimes, long-term situations create stressful environments. There are many aspects of stress that can affect your emotional and physical health.

When we work together to ease your stress, we cover multiple areas that collectively allow you freedom.

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Leadership & Development

It’s a common story that many in leadership were rarely trained to lead. If they did receive training, it is based upon out-of-date leadership models from decades ago.

Many more are promoted into leadership positions and don’t feel qualified and that causes unnecessary stressors.

New leaders need coaching to help them succeed in today’s environment. When we work together, the work we do is pertinent to your needs.

Organizational Assessments

When organizations face employee retention issues, motivation fades, communication and trust breaks down, or worse yet, behavioral issues cause the corporate culture to disintegrate, an objective outside look is the solution.

Attempting self-repair within an organization without accurately identifying the problem(s) often creates damaging conditions worse than the initial conditions.

Anthony M. Davis will create a customized assessment approach for your organization to help you plot an effective course for the future.

Conflict Management

Conflict often starts with a careless word or misunderstanding. While the incident might be unintentional, left unaddressed the underlying frustration and hurt continues, destroying interpersonal relationships and dissolving team dynamics.

The effects of unresolved conflict can cause mental and physical health issues. In some cases, the conflict places personnel safety in jeopardy when an angered party chooses irrational action.

Anthony M. Davis works with each party of a conflict to identify issues and create effective communication to resolve misunderstandings.

Remote Hypnotherapy

As a Board Certified Hypnotist, Anthony M. Davis applies his skills to help organizations and individuals become stronger by building confidence and resolving stress-related triggers. Coupled with professional coaching techniques, we identify issues to address.

He is also a Certified Fibromyalgia Specialist and through hypnotic techniques, individuals enjoyed remarkable physical changes through this work.

Note: Hypnotherapy is conducted remotely via Zoom. All medical-related issues require a medical referral from your healthcare provider.

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