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Covered From Above - A Shield From Injury or Death

Each autographed book is personally signed, and shipped via First Class mail to you in a protective envelope.

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Making Positive Lifestyle Choices Will Empower You

When a person’s mental, physical or emotional health struggles and they find themselves in a state of depression, the first-line treatments are usually therapies and pharmaceutical drugs. The mental health industry is just that, an industry. Let’s call it what it is, it’s big business. What’s not talked about are how making positive lifestyle choices…

When First Impressions of People Are Not Reliable

When walking down a city street, we create first impressions of people around us. It’s surprising how quickly we make determinations of people, given little or no supporting facts. What is it that determines a positive or negative viewpoint of strangers? Author Kendra Cherry describes going beyond a few attributional styles when describing “Person Perception”.…

A Survival Story – Near Crash in the Jungle

In the mid to late 1970s, I served as a Navy helicopter rescue aircrewman with a squadron in San Diego. While shore-based, I wanted more action. Our squadron had a deployed unit supporting hydrographic charting missions in Panama. In 1977, I requested and deployed to HSL-31 detachment Bravo, or “DET B” as we knew it.…

The Benefits of Servant Leadership

There is a question in the application of servant leadership: Who benefits… the leader, the employee, both, or none? This article describes my perspectives of servant leadership along with research of the topic. My purpose for such a comparative lies in my belief that leadership skills depend on our willingness to perform a self assessment…

Proven Results – If It Doesn’t Serve You, Let It Go

When you begin de-cluttering your life, you make room for better things. When the things in your life don’t serve you, it’s time to let it go. I wish I could tell you how many times my first-time clients arrived clinging onto the negative junk in their lives that never served them. Some old stuff…

Coaching That Makes You Unbelievably Successful

What Coaching Is, What It Isn’t and How You Can Benefit. It doesn’t matter what path you’re on, coaching can make all the difference and take you to successively higher places in life. As a leadership and success coach, I help people overcome the obstacles that hold them back, identify new goals, and then take…

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