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staying positive amid challenges

5 Tips to Stay Positive Amidst Challenges

Working to stay positive amidst challenges can be tiring. Then, sometimes while progress appears, road bumps show up.  If you maintain your energy and keep your focus on the intended positive outcome, you will get there.

Here are five tips to stay positive and on track:

You Are Not Alone

There isn’t a challenge (or some variation of it) that hasn’t been successfully overcome by others just like you. It’s likely that at this moment, there are thousands of people dealing with the same challenge. It’s easy to feel isolated when addressing various demands of life. Whether it’s finding a new job, overcoming financial or health issues, or taking an entrepreneurial step and creating a new life. You’re not alone. Others paved a way through to success, and so can you.

Success Starts with Vision

Realistically, there’s usually a solution to any challenge in front of you. Don’t go into a project focusing on the roadblocks; create a vision of how it will look when you’ve reached successful completion. Obstacles are only as significant as we see them. There may be road bumps along your path and taken one at a time with reasonable speed; they become a thing of the past, a faded memory.

Looking back, I remember growing up with black and white television, no Internet, cellphones, or microwave ovens. As a five-year-old, it excited me when John Glenn launched into space. Look at our world today and the many inventions that became a reality in our lives. They exist because someone created a vision and made it happen. The human mind is creatively powerful, and you have the capabilities of your imagination. Perhaps your challenge is not putting someone on the moon. Maybe it’s starting a new business or overcoming a hurdle. With a vision of completion, take action, and keep focused, then watch where you can go.

Be willing to Make Adjustments

By now, you know you are not alone, and creating a vision is essential. You know you need to take action, but which way do you go? You don’t want to be like the blind-folded kid swinging a bat in every direction, trying to hit a piñata full of candy. You need a plan of action, and not one that’s carved into stone. In my business, I’ve identified approaches that weren’t working efficiently, and I’ve adjusted many times. That’s a key of successful people: they start with a plan, take action, look at the results, and adjust.

That’s how life is. We have to choose a direction, then take action and make adjustments as needed. Few people are entirely successful at their first try. Thomas Edison made 1,000 attempts to develop a working lightbulb. A reporter once asked him how it felt to fail 1,000 times. He replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The lightbulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.

When working on a project and you’re unsure which direction to go, be open to finding the solution in unexpected places. Allow for a fresh perspective by taking a walk or switch to another task. A mental pattern-interrupt forms that allows your mind to free up creative and cognitive problem-solving space. Allowing lateral thinking can bring up new ideas quickly.

Partner with a Good Coach

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and struggle when working through challenges and developing an action plan. For others, they might have an idea, yet starting and following through to completion is often sporadic. If you’re feeling stuck with no viable way to get unstuck, then it might time to partner with a coach.

This is an area where I’ve enjoyed helping people overcome challenges and move to new levels of success. Even good coaches get coached because it’s the smart thing to do. Why would anybody settle in place and hope things will work out?  There’s a lot of value to you when you have a person who’s committed to your goals, listens to you, and acts as your accountability partner.

In my case, I work with clients from all over the U.S. When I maintained my therapy practice, I had clients travel to see me from 17 different states. Because of that work, we needed face to face visits.  Their travel alone was burdensome and expensive. While they could financially see me, I decided I want to reach a broader base of people still working toward the success levels of my earlier clients.

Today as a Coach through phone or video technology, I’m able to help people nationwide and that diversity helps me to help you. Whether it’s me or someone else, an excellent coach can be your fast-track to reaching your goals.

Build a Positive Foundation

For many years, I’ve told my clients that “we attract what we think about.” I’m not talking about some kind of “Positive Thinking Mumbo Jumbo”, it’s really about your choice of a response to the life around you. When you have a bad day, you become a reactor, expecting the negative. You exude adverse energy that others pick up. It’s bad for your interpersonal relationships and it’s bad for business.

Now, think back upon a good day. A day when people around you are getting along…the smiles and the cooperation…how each person responded well to one another. That environment produces an energy that draws people to you and you become a responder, strengthening interpersonal relationships. In his book, “As a man thinketh”, James Allen wrote, “The Vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart—this you will build your life by, this you will become.”

To draw your life closer toward the life you want, create a vision of your future and be a positive responder.

About the Author

Mr. Davis is the Director at the Center for Personal Leadership and Development. As a Certified Leadership and Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach, and Natural Health Practitioner, he helps clients overcome challenges, reach their goals and live a life of fullness.

He is part of an exciting international cellular health and technology company. He is actively recruiting entrepreneurial-minded people to join his successful team. Those selected to take part in this exciting opportunity receive training and support necessary to create and enjoy a successful business.

For information on personalized coaching or becoming a Cellular Health Life-Changer, Contact Him Here.


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