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Audio and eBook Sale

$2.00 Off Through
August 30, 2020!!!

Click Each Book Image Above - Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Each of the Professional Development – Quick Learning Series is produced by the Center for Personal Leadership and Development to help you build and develop strong lifelong skills to overcome challenges and create new successes in your life.

For this short period of time, these combination Audio & e-Book sets are available at less than $5.00 for the entire set. That’s less than most people pay for a cup of coffee. These sets are created to provide resources for you QUICKLY. Life gets busy. How many times have you started a book and never completed it?  It happens. These books allow you to read or listen over and over again in short periods of time to create subconscious habits for you.

Each Book is professionally written and produced to help you quickly absorb the materials. Each Audio is professionally recorded. You won’t find such quality Audio and eBook sets at this low price.


Life is filled with multi-tasking that can leave you stretched in many different directions. How do successful business owners and entrepreneurs manage to develop and apply success in their lives?


Successful people take advantage of small pockets of time for professional development and apply repetitive actions to incorporate profitable habits into their lives. The Professional Development – Quick Learning Series was designed for you.

Apply New Successes into Your Life

Don’t make the mistake of assuming a short audiobook lacks value. How many times have you tried to get through a book only to get distracted? If it’s a print book, it sits on the shelf unread, or an audiobook is never fully heard.

This book is designed to provide you quick tips and methods to develop your overcome life’s struggles. There may be areas that resonate with you, and perhaps a point or two where you disagree. That’s fine. Each time you listen to the book, consider how it can apply to your current situation and your future life as you prefer.

Both an audio and .pdf eBook are included. Get Yours Today

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