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First Impressions

When First Impressions of People Are Not Reliable

When walking down a city street, we create first impressions of people around us. It’s surprising how quickly we make determinations of people, given little or no supporting facts. What is it that determines a positive or negative viewpoint of…

Survival Story Helicopter

A Survival Story – Near Crash in the Jungle

In the mid to late 1970s, I served as a Navy helicopter rescue aircrewman with a squadron in San Diego. While shore-based, I wanted more action. Our squadron had a deployed unit supporting hydrographic charting missions in Panama. In 1977,…

servant leadership

The Benefits of Servant Leadership

There is a question in the application of servant leadership: Who benefits… the leader, the employee, both, or none? This article describes my perspectives of servant leadership along with research of the topic. My purpose for such a comparative lies…

Everything is Important

How to Pick the Right Priorities

If Everything is important, then nothing is important" and you accomplish nothing. There’s a false perception that defines a busy person as being highly proficient. Being busy is good if we pick the right priorities... AND leave room for the…

history creates beliefs

How History Creates Our Beliefs

Understanding what is true or not seems challenging in our current environment. In a fast-paced world, what we know as truth, and why we believe it, could very well be what I call trigger thoughts. We express our beliefs and…

staying positive amid challenges

5 Tips to Stay Positive Amidst Challenges

Working to stay positive amidst challenges can be tiring. Then, sometimes while progress appears, road bumps show up.  If you maintain your energy and keep your focus on the intended positive outcome, you will get there. Here are five tips…


Biomarkers and Stress

Stress can be a sneaky monster. When going through a stressful period there are biomarkers to warn you of the uncomfortable road you’re traveling. A biomarker is an indication of where you are biologically. When you are tired or sometimes…

time for change

Time for Change

When you know things are not as you'd hope, it's often a time for change. Look back on your life for just a moment and give it a score of one to ten. It’s true that our lives go through…

Change the program

Change the Program

Ask a person their true purpose and many have no idea. As a leadership and success coach, I’ve asked that question hundreds of times and helped them change the program. They'll tell me, “I want to be happy, healthy, rich…

Shield from Negativity

5 Ways to Shield Yourself from Negativity

Negativity affects your life on every level. It has the power to ruin relationships, decrease work performance, and increase stress levels. The good news is that you can fight it by changing your mindset.  Not sure where to start? Check…

The World

Helping the World, One Life at a Time

Nothing happens by accident. Years ago in an environment filled with stress, bitterness, illness and suicide, with the impact of that mess I began training and filling my life with more and more self-care as a buffer. With each new…

Life of Purpose

Living a Life of Purpose

When we feed our minds with the world’s noise, it becomes easy to doubt ourselves. When we struggle with life’s challenges, we question our purpose in life. We get caught up in the spin around us...our career, family, health, school,…

A Countermeasure to Lyme

A Countermeasure to Lyme

Healthy goals often include both professional and personal wellness. You may be proficient in your career, but if you struggle physically, then the other parts of your life become pulled and stressed. In this article, we look at Redox as…


Stay Focused

Many people confuse goals with wants. “I want to be rich. I want to be healthy. I want to be happy.” Those are good things to desire, but they are not goals. Being rich, healthy, or happy are conditions that you…

Home - Renewing Your Mind books

Press Release – Renewing Your Mind

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - April 15, 2018 - PRLog -- Renewing your mind - Perspectives of a Christian Hypnotist is the true life story of one man's search for physical, emotional & spiritual peace. Mr. Davis describes a transition from not…

Don’t Walk Alone

Don’t Walk Alone

When it comes to setting and achieving your goals, don’t walk alone. Invite someone to join you in the process and make it a joint project. If you want to really empower yourself, create a Mini-Mastermind group. When you share…

Art in Red

Art in RED

Fine art photography and painting by Anthony M. Davis. This video consists of art that includes the color Red.

Good food, exercise and rest

Good Food, Exercise and Rest

Life can be busy. Yet, it’s important to take time for good food, exercise and rest. While busyness is not bad thing, being too busy can take away your positive gains if you move into a depletion mode. If you…

Valle Crucis

A Photo Trip to Valle Crucis

Some of Fine Art Photographer, Anthony M. Davis’ favorite photo topics, barns and vintage items that reflect life as it once was. This short video shows Valle Crucis, NC, in and around the old Mast General Store.

Create Your Dream Life in Pictures

Create Your Dream Life in Pictures

In our last post, we discussed bringing life to your dream by writing it out in detail. Once you create your dream life in pictures by writing out the goal, you bring life to it and you start feeding it…

Create Your Life in Detail

Create Your Life in Detail

At the very beginning of this series, we discussed the natural law that says the things you think about are the same things you attract. When considering the power of attraction, let's compare with the attracting power of a magnet.…

Pay with a smile

Pay with a Smile

I realize this may sound odd when you have bills to pay with a smile. After all, who wants to pay bills right? Yet, it really comes down to something we talked about in an earlier article (Notice small changes).…

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