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Immune - Tru Niagen

Introducing Tru Niagen Immune

The ultimate solution for bolstering your immune system while providing essential NAD+ support. This first-of-its-kind formula combines proven immune-boosting nutrition and cutting-edge NAD+ support to help you maintain a healthy immune response and overall wellbeing.

A Powerful Immune Blend

The powerful blend found in Tru Niagen Immune features essential nutrients:

Zinc - Zinc gluconate and citrate (20mg | 182% daily value) Tru Niagen Immune contains two of the most bioavailable forms of zinc—gluconate and citrate—for better absorption.

Vitamin D3 - VegD3® vegan vitamin D (2,000IU/50mcg |250% daily value) A highly bioavailable, plant-based form of vitamin D3 derived from algae. D3 is shown to be more beneficial and well absorbed than the more ubiquitous D2. Vitamin D3 is normally derived from animal sources. This unique form allows for higher efficacy and lower environmental impact.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C from fermentation (180mg | 200% daily value) The vitamin C is derived naturally via fermentation, as opposed to synthetically sourced, which is the case for many vitamin C products. You’ve probably heard about how fermented foods like pickles may improve gut and immune health. Similarly, fermentation-sourced vitamin C helps support your body’s immune functions.

Theracumin - (30mg) This innovative form of curcumin is 27x more bioavailable than other curcumin-derived products—which means it has the highest bioavailability of any curcumin product on the market.

Daily Defense in Times of Immune Stress (and Beyond)

NAD+ is like oil for the engines of your cells—without it, life as we know it would not be possible. It’s essential for the most fundamental building blocks of life—your immune system included. And when you’re compromised by health challenges, your NAD+ can plummet by up to 80%—which is why consistent daily supplementation can be a highly valuable form of defense, almost like buying an insurance policy for your immune system.

Tru Niagen & NAD+

Tru Niagen Immune's revolutionary NAD+ support ensures the energy levels of your cells are optimized, further contributing to overall immune system efficiency. By safeguarding your healthy defenses and providing essential nutrients, Tru Niagen Immune helps you stay protected and maintain optimal health.

Join the journey towards a stronger, healthier life with Tru Niagen Immune.

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