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Create Your Dream Life in Pictures

Create Your Dream Life in Pictures

In our last post, we discussed bringing life to your dream by writing it out in detail. Once you create your dream life in pictures by writing out the goal, you bring life to it and you start feeding it the right energy. You may begin to notice how you’re now able to see it in your dreams at night, or daydreams during the day. Imagine having it and the accompanying feelings of satisfaction. With repetition, it becomes easy to literally visualize accomplishing ownership of your goal. Again, this strengthens the energy that attracts and draws your goal to you.

Another useful method of increasing positive energy to the manifesting power of your thoughts is a simple visual tool. Our minds think in pictures and when we see images that represent the goals we seek, it reinforces the ability to focus, feel and attract.

The tool is a simple vision board with photos, drawings or other visual depictions that strengthen the ownership and reality of attracting wealth and goodness into your life. As your written description is updated, modify the vision board as well. This goes far beyond โ€œpositive thinkingโ€. You are now creating. When you can make it real, you can make it yours.

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