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Inner strength

Embracing Your Inner Strength: Seeing the Good Within

Life can be incredibly challenging to embrace your inner strength. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, lonely, undervalued, and question your worth. If you’re reading this, it’s important to know you are not alone in your struggles.

I’m a coach and therapist who worked with individuals facing their conflicts. My personal experiences came with tragedy, depression, and betrayal. I understand the depths of your despair. Having been there, I believe every person possesses an infinite reserve of strength, resilience, and kindness, waiting to be revealed.

My goal for this article is to inspire and support you in launching your own journey of self-discovery. It’s easy to forget the truth of your unique value and the world’s great need for you.

You may not believe you have unique value. For now, let’s just take a walk together and talk about some truths within you.

The Journey of Self-discovery

Sometimes life can be like climbing a steep hill with no end in sight. The weight of expectations, past traumas, and life in an unkind society can leave you feeling unworthy, incapable, and isolated. Remember, your journey is unique to you, and your struggles do not define you. You have the power to rise above them.

Let’s see how you can do that.

When Storms Arrive

The paths of our life can deliver unexpected storms that leave us feeling devastated. Within us are unique strengths that keep us from being devastated, but we might still feel that way. The feelings of unworthiness, unkind treatment, or abuse can leave deep emotional scars.

During those times, it’s hard to see the goodness within ourselves. Your experiences or the judgment of others don’t define your worth. You have the power within you to overcome negativity and change how you see things.

g65fe3ce867bf12124acb48f710d3c7baa42ce9dc57c2f24152ebd338680a6ead506b4980b48c27aefccd0f1154766cab 1920I Understand Where You Are

Amid dark struggles, it’s normal to question the purpose of your situation. I’ve been there. After experiencing two serious health events that pushed me toward a depression, the people who said they’d support and stand by me did the exact opposite. When hurt and confused by those who knew me for decades, they took my sadness at the situation and attempted to use it against me. You may have experienced a similar situation where the unkindnesses of others are difficult to process.

This is important: The incapability of others to be kind and supportive is on them-not you.

It Starts With a Choice for Action

Regardless of your journey, you are resilient beyond measure. Even when it feels like your world is falling apart, make a choice to hold on tightly to the belief that something greater lies ahead. My choice was to leave and take steps to get my life back.

Each person’s journey is unique, and that makes you unique. With every moment of time that ticks the clock of our life, we are stepping into the future. Follow the steps in this guide and make a choice to find purpose and meaning. Then your future can look and be much better than past hurtful journeys.

Find Your Purpose and Meaning

You’ll hear this a lot because it’s true: you are here for a purpose, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to know that truth. Your purpose could be to inspire others, create something that changes the life you know, or be kind to someone that needs it.

When you feel lost and wonder about your purpose and meaning, remind yourself that each day is an opportunity to create a life that makes a difference. Take small steps every day towards your dreams and passions. Consider your journey as an opportunity to grow and evolve. Trust that even the darkest nights give way to the brightest sunrises.

IMG 1802 1Discover Your Passions

If you could create a dream life that excites you, and if money, time, age, education or people didn’t get in the way, what would that life look like? What if all the old beliefs that held you back were gone? How would that life look and feel within you?

For this step, allow yourself to dream and imagine you have all the resources at your disposal, and life choices for your future belong to you.

Just allow yourself to explore your passions, interests, activities, hobbies or ways you can contribute to the betterment of the world. Turn off the daily noise and focus on a dream life that brings you joy and purpose. By immersing yourself in your passions, you can see the unique interests that make the extraordinary person you are.

The Power of Your Inner Strength

The conflicts we face in life, whether it be situations, people, or our own bodies, they can seem never-ending. Dealing with current issues is problematic enough, yet we also dwell on the past. Remember that your past does not define your future. We need to learn from the past and apply our lessons learned to persevere in current and future issues.

Your inner strength can come from continuing on even in difficult circumstances. Making the choice to see things in their true perspective as they really are may not immediately fix a situation, but it helps your mental clarity and builds courage and resilience within you, and that helps recognize your inner strength to overcome obstacles.

Recognize the Good Within You

With the realization of purpose, meaning, passions and inner strength, each of those are good things that live within you. While this might sound like an example from Day 1 of a logic course, “If good things live within you, then within you is goodness.” That’s not rocket science, yet we all too quickly try to separate ourselves from the good within so we can say we are not good.

Now, that’s failed logic.

By accepting your internal qualities, you’ll be able to share positive thinking, empathy, and self-love. To counter the negative self-talk that plagues your mind, replace it with self-affirmations and positive beliefs. With regular practice, you can create a profound change in your life.

Allow the Power of Self-Love

I could almost hear you cringe in the paragraph above when I mentioned self-love. It’s interesting that we want love, and we want a love to give to others. Yet, too many see loving ourselves as a weakness.

I guarantee you’ll own weakness if you choose not to love yourself. Don’t be that person.

You carry a unique box of tools within you, a set of talents, qualities, and dreams that can strengthen and support your life. Embrace who you are at your core. Allow yourself permission to heal from the love and kindness within you.

Unleash Your Potential

So far, on our walk through this list of ways to embrace your inner strengths, we’ve briefly explored your purpose, meaning, passions, inner strengths, and self-love, which can heal your mind, body, and emotions. If you’re honest with yourself while reading this, some areas will resonate stronger than others.

That’s okay. We’re not clones of one another and as we’ve seen above, your journey is unique to you, just as your internal qualities and passions make you the awesome, unique person you are.

It is essential to acknowledge the incredible potential within you. Even if you can’t see it right now, trust that it exists. You possess the uniqueness and perspectives that the world needs. How do I know that? Earlier I said, “we’re not clones of each other”. Our unique experiences allow us to help others. When we create solutions for others, we empower ourselves.

Accept the gifts within you and chase your dreams and goals with enthusiasm. Many of my clients arrived thinking a past negative experience broke them and made them powerless. After we refocused their belief system with subconscious work and coaching, they gained the power to break free and allow their internal qualities to grow.

If this is what you need, contact me and we can undo the anchors holding you in place.

Opinions Don’t Define You

An unfortunate reality in our world is amidst the many kind people, the unkind roam, tear down and define others to elevate their own egos. The opinions of others should never dictate your self-worth. The bullies, unkind individuals, and those who caused harm in your life are often projecting their own weaknesses onto you. You deserve better than their negative treatment.

True validation comes from within yourself and not from external sources.

IMG 1804
Find a Support System

Surrounding yourself with positive individuals who truly care about your well-being is essential. Seek the support of friends, family, or professionals who will uplift and encourage you. Through the use of neuroplasticity, our brains can change and create new, positive connections.

With time and effort, you can change your misperceived beliefs and internal conversations. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and assist you in seeing your inner strength. Remember, seeking a support network is not a sign of weakness; it is an act of strength and self-care. A moment ago, we looked at the effect of opinions.

When you create a support system with kind and supportive people, they may have opinions to help. Thoughts shared with love deserve consideration, whereas opinions of the unkind… not so much. By surveying your unique skills, you’re better prepared to apply the useful opinions in the most effective way.

Embrace Your Worth

Each of the areas we discussed here surfaced frequently in all of my coaching and therapy sessions. They didn’t show up because these are the things I work on. They existed because each person carried these misbeliefs until we worked to resolve them. This one: being or feeling worthy is one of the top struggles for each person. I’m convinced ALL of us struggle with worthiness in the process of living life around other people.

The Root Cause of Unworthy Feelings

Most times, my client’s distress came from the words or actions of other people. For all the others, my client’s feeling or belief of not being worthy enough came from their own misperception as a child. They saw or heard something and mistakenly perceived it as themself being at fault.

In ALL cases, my clients were worthy of love, care, and kindness. They were worthy before an unkind person told them otherwise, or they perceived it. They were worthy afterward, except they believed the wrong story about them.

NOTHING Diminishes Your Worth

This is a critical point: NOTHING that you experienced from the past diminishes your worth. The unkind treatment, bullying, or abuse you may have endured are not reflections of who you are. They are the character flaws of others.

You are a valuable and worthy person, capable of tremendous growth and healing. Accepting yourself as worthy is the foundation for your self-perception and joy in life.

Final Thoughts

Amid life’s difficulties, never lose sight of your internal worth. Trust in your strength, embrace your uniqueness, and never give up. You are here for a reason, and the world needs you. Believe in the goodness within yourself, for there is infinite potential waiting to be revealed. Keep pushing forward, for each day comes with opportunity.

About the Author

Anthony M. Davis is a Certified Leadership, Success and Stress Coach. He is a clinically trained Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

He has earned a national reputation for his Transformative Life Centering work with clients from across the nation. His unique approach helps clients remove underlying fears and triggers, and then, through coaching, helps them pursue and accomplish life and career goals.

He provides Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions remotely through Zoom. If you have challenges and are ready to move past them, Contact him Here to create the life change you desire.

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