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Nothing happens by accident. Years ago in an environment filled with stress, bitterness, illness and suicide, with the impact of that mess I began training and filling my life with more and more self-care as a buffer. With each new “mini-success”, I became aware of others that needed help. Coming from a long military and law enforcement background, I understood the need, yet never planned to open a practice…but I did.

Nothing happens by accident. Through client after client I learned from my successes and perceived failures as I sought to help them overcome their hurts, fears, worries and favorite demons they carried around. I created something called Transformative Life Centering that helped them regain a life they should have been living. My clients were women carrying decades of long-lasting abuse.

Nothing happens by accident. As I helped bury the emotional triggers that pulled them back throughout life, I saw they needed a plan. Without one, people tend to go back to the life they know. I became a Certified Coach and focused on helping them create goals and find healthy solutions.

Nothing happens by accident. With emotional triggers resolved and goals in place, I found it important to help them create a future. I became engaged in a successful cellular health and wellness company that offers unique opportunities, the ability for time to live and financial freedom. Now, for people looking for a new life with opportunities, I’m able to help people create those successful futures.

Over the years, it has been a steady flow of transition from each new capability and success to the next. I see now it is all a steady climb to offer substantive levels of new life and success. Nothing happens by accident.

The opportunity to help you create that life you want to live is here. Yet, success is a choice. If you make the choice, I can help you.

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About the Author

Mr. Davis is the Director at the Center for Personal Leadership and Development. As a Certified Leadership and Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach, and Natural Health Practitioner, he helps clients reach their goals and live a life of fullness.

He is part of an exciting international cellular health and technology company. He is actively recruiting entrepreneurial-minded people to join his successful team. Those selected to participate in this exciting opportunity receive training and support necessary to create and enjoy a successful business.

For information on becoming a Life-Changer, Contact him here.

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