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If she only knew

If She Only Knew This Before.

Julie was a cute little girl with reddish-blonde hair and a few freckles that laced over her nose. She loved music, read books, and imagined herself living in the stories with a sense of adventure. If she only knew.

She never felt loved by her mother, who, as a teenager, lacked the skills to be a good parent. Her mother continually deflected her own inadequacy with negative comments toward Julie like:

Those freckles are ugly!

Why are you so dumb?

You’re not smart enough to do anything right!”

Julie grew up feeling deficient and fearful of her future. She had few friends and no support from family. Carrying these negative perceptions of herself caused her to see the world as a dark and unkind place.

She felt alone and hopeless.

Over time, her hopes and dreams of adventure faded, and she believed happiness in life was for “Someone else — not her”. Now, as a young woman, she worked part time as a cashier in a convenience store.

Years of carrying the negative beliefs about herself and future pushed aside all perceptions of college or a career.

Her cashier job was all she could see for her life.

The store manager named Doris was a woman only five years older than Julie, and yet she seemed successful and had plans to buy her own franchise. Even though Julie couldn’t see anything successful in herself, Doris saw the goodness within Julie, and recognized the familiar internal fears she also lived through in an abusive home as a child.

One day, Doris told Julie about a hypnotist she saw that helped her get past her bad upbringing. Julie was skeptical because she knew nothing about such a life-changing process. Plus, she was barely getting by as a part-time worker. How could she possibly afford it on a part-time income?

Doris told her, “Julie, I believe in you. Let me help you. I’ll pay for your sessions. Just promise me that when you are successful, you’ll help someone else.”

An Emotional Moment

A powerful emotional switch clicked and Julie immediately burst into tears. Since a child, she’s always wanted to be loved and seen as a person with value. This was the first time anyone had ever told her they believe in her.

It felt so good, and it hurt so badly.

As she cried, Doris pulled her close and hugged her. They both knew Julie needed this. She couldn’t go on day after day, pretending years of unkindness didn’t hold her back. Too many people ignore the discomfort that floats just under the surface They never take action.

It doesn’t go away by ignoring it. What it does is prevent a person’s future from being successful. With age, inaction turns into regret. Is that really a legacy to strive for?

Doris said, “Promise me you’ll go and you’ll help someone else later.” As she wiped her eyes, she said, “I will… I will”while feeling spent after her emotions rushed to the surface.

Sessions Begin

Two weeks later, she met with the hypnotist. Admittedly feeling nervous, she didn’t know what to expect. “Was it going to be something spooky?” she wondered. The hypnotist was kind, and he made Julie feel comfortable and safe. At first, they just talked, and he answered all of her questions.

During her first session, she sat in the recliner and listened to him gently talk with her as light music played in the background. Even though a little nervous still, she noticed a sense of relaxation like she’d never had before.

He gently talked to her as she went deeper and deeper relaxed. He told her how she is kind, and capable, calm and happy. At first, she thought all those things were foreign to her. By the end of the first session, she had a new sense of excitement because she believed it.

A Look Back in Time. If She Only Knew

During her second session, he took her back in time to her first fears and hurts as a young child. The hypnotist was caring enough to ensure she didn’t have to stay in that uncomfortable place.

He took her there so she could see the situations with the eyes and understanding of an adult observer. Children are very suggestible at an early age and believe negative things said about them, then, they associate those traits as being who they are.

All of us carry thoughts, feelings and beliefs because of someone else’s destructive behaviors.

If I Asked You:

Wouldn’t you have liked to know then what you know now?

You’d say, “Yes

Of course you would. We ALL would.

During Julie’s session, she saw and understood the situations as they really occurred. That experience flipped a switch for her. She no longer needed to carry someone else’s garbage, or believe that was part of who she was. If she’d only known.

She chose to no longer carry the blame for her mother’s misbehavior. She had always been a beautiful and smart girl with lots of potential.

The sessions helped to undo the wounds of her past and embrace the possibilities of her future.

Her later three sessions strengthened her ability to interact with others and herself, and define and achieve her goals.

During each session, Julie felt a surge of confidence and empowerment and realized her power to change was within her. The work of the hypnotist was to take her to the right places, so she would pick up the right tools for her life.


A few months later, Julie applied for college and began classes the next semester. She graduated with honors, earned a graduate degree and now owns a franchise with the same convenience store where she started as a cashier. Over the years, she’s paid it forward by helping others get this life-changing experience.

Checking in with her years later, she said she is happy, fulfilled, and overcame her own challenges by making a choice to do so. Julie found love and friendship, enjoys opportunities for adventure, and…

She’s learned to love herself, and her freckles.


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About the Author

Anthony M. Davis is a Certified Leadership, Success and Stress Coach. He is a clinically trained Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

He has earned a national reputation for his Transformative Life Centering work with clients from across the nation. His unique approach helps clients remove underlying fears and triggers, and then through coaching, helps them pursue and accomplish life and career goals.

He provides coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions remotely through Zoom. If you have challenges with procrastination, Contact him HERE to create the life change you desire.

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