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Image Editing Basics – Your Needs and Preferences

Which is the Best?

There are many image editing software tools available to photographers and creative artists. A not-so-easy question to answer is, “Which is the best?” That’s like asking someone, “What’s your best season?”

The answer is “It depends” on your needs and preferences.

Your first consideration for image editing software depends on your computer equipment. Are you using a Mac, PC, a tablet, or both?

Historically, there were more software choices for PC. Yet, higher quality photo, video, and graphic arts programs existed for a Mac. That’s not so much the case anymore. Many of the high-end photo editing software companies now cater to both software platforms.

Be Sure to Choose Software that Works with Your Operating System.

As an example, I use a Mac and also an iPad for portability. Considering my preference for both devices, my need is a tool compatible with each.

After searching for pertinent tools, I opted for the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan that comes with the high end versions of Photoshop and Lightroom for both the computer and my iPad. Plus, I get storage space with 20 Gigabytes of cloud storage for less that $10 a month.

While your preferences and needs might differ from me, it shows that considering basic usability needs can provide you with plenty of options.

In the next video, we’ll look at image editing considerations for your creative preferences. Subscribe to stay informed of new articles.

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[arve url="" title="Photo Editing Basics - Considering Your Needs and Preferences" description="Part 2 of the Photo Editing series. As you get closer to deciding upon a photo editing software tool, it's important to consider your needs and preferences. It's often surprising how often people buy a software tool and then find they invested in a product that doesn't work on their computer. " /]

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