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When First Impressions of People Are Not Reliable

When walking down a city street, we create first impressions of people around us. It’s […]

A Survival Story – Near Crash in the Jungle

In the mid to late 1970s, I served as a Navy helicopter rescue aircrewman with […]

The Benefits of Servant Leadership

There is a question in the application of servant leadership: Who benefits… the leader, the […]

Proven Results – If It Doesn’t Serve You, Let It Go

When you begin de-cluttering your life, you make room for better things. When the things […]

Coaching That Makes You Unbelievably Successful

What Coaching Is, What It Isn’t and How You Can Benefit. It doesn’t matter what […]

How to Pick the Right Priorities

If Everything is important, then nothing is important” and you accomplish nothing. There’s a false […]

How History Creates Our Beliefs

Understanding what is true or not seems challenging in our current environment. In a fast-paced […]

How Words Matter

Audio Version of this Article Words Matter. In this article, we’ll look at the power [...]

5 Tips to Stay Positive Amidst Challenges

Working to stay positive amidst challenges can be tiring. Then, sometimes while progress appears, road […]

Biomarkers and Stress

Stress can be a sneaky monster. When going through a stressful period there are biomarkers […]

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