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PRESS RELEASE: Songwriter After 2 Strokes

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.June 26, 2024PRLog — Anthony M. Davis, a veteran of two military services, author, success coach, and hypnotherapist, has recently ventured into songwriting after surviving two strokes. After dedicating two years to cognitive, physical, and spiritual self-care, his passion and talent for songwriting flourished.

Songwriter: Cognitive Self-Care & Resilience Opened the Door to a New Creative Path

His burgeoning repertoire spans Christian, Pop, and Blues Rock genres, with each composition crafted to inspire emotional connection and encourage personal betterment.

Davis’s latest work, “We Don’t Need Your Unkind Heart,” is a blues rock song that underscores the importance of kindness and respect in effecting positive change in the world.

Reflecting on his approach to songwriting, Davis emphasizes, “Effective songwriters need the ability to tell a story.” His storytelling is evident in his memoir, “Covered From Above – A Shield From Injury or Death,” which tells of 15 instances where he narrowly avoided serious injury or death, including a helicopter accident in a jungle, an encounter with a serial killer, and a rear-end collision by an 18-wheeler.

Drawing from his military and career experiences, while Davis continues to help goal-oriented clients nationally, he brings a wealth of narratives to his songwriting. Each of his songs is registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Artists and Producers interested in his work can contact him on his website at the Contact page for more information and to receive his monthly production list. Demonstration versions of his songs are available on his YouTube channel.

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