Lacy J Dalton – Limited Edition

A unique Limited Edition fine art print.

Total Number of Prints Sold: 10.

Image Size: 20×24 inches

Each order is professionally printed upon order.

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Photo Title: “Lacy J Dalton”

Photographer: Anthony M. Davis

CAMERA: Canon F-1 film Camera
ENLARGER: Omega Color
FILM: Black and White for Original shot
INTER-NEGATIVE FILM: 4×5 inch Lithograph film

Technical Facts about Your Art Print:

PAPER: Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster, Ultra White, Pro Semi-Gloss Paper

BORDER: Each Limited Edition Art Print will have a 1-inch border to allow for artist signature and numbering.

AUTHENTICITY: A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided for each Limited Edition Print.

PACKAGING: Each Art Print will be carefully packaged and wrapped, and shipped in a tube.


This is clearly a ONE-OF-A-KIND Art Print. This is the only shot / production of this image in the world.

The creation of this Art Print has a history. The image was originally shot at a music concert where I was on stage with Lacy J. Dalton, a country music star back in the 1980’s. The shot was taken with a 35mm professional camera using black and white film.

Then, I created an inter-negative with 4×5 inch lithograph film. Once I processed the 4×5 inter-negative, I then shot a print in the color darkroom onto color paper. That print was then digitally scanned.

Years ago, I met with Lacy J Dalton and gave her a small (8×10) copy of this image. She was pleased with it. I have never offered this image as a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition print until now.

THANK YOU for allowing me to share this art print with you to be a part of your collection.

Anthony M. Davis


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16 x 24


Lustre, Gloss