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Tru Niagen 300mg NAD+

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Discover the benefits of cellular energy, defense, repair, and vitality. Multi-award-winning supplement Tru Niagen 300mg nourishes your cells with a single, daily capsule.

Healthy Aging

As you age, you face a natural decline in NAD+ levels. Tru Niagen supports cellular function and metabolism to maintain overall health and well-being.*

Heart Health

Your heart requires a steady supply of energy for optimal function. Along with a healthy lifestyle, elevating NAD+ levels with Tru Niagen® can offer additional support to one of your most vital organs.

Muscle Health & Recovery

Staying active is a key component in maintaining vitality, and powering your muscle cells with increased NAD+ supports overall muscle health and recovery.

Cellular Energy

Tru Niagen fuels your body’s energy engines—your mitochondria.*

Cellular Defense

Tru Niagen helps cells defend against metabolic stresses, such as poor diet.*

Cellular Repair

Tru Niagen promotes repair at the cellular level, counteracting the effects of stress and time on your body.

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Tru Niagen Increases NAD+

Between the ages of 40 and 60 you can experience up to a 50% decrease in NAD+ levels. Supercharge your cells™ with daily Tru Niagen and help offset this decline by increasing NAD+ by up to 50%.

Cellular Health

Your cells are the foundation of everything you are. By boosting NAD+, you empower your cells to carry out the vital task of maintaining and regulating your body’s daily functions, including cellular repair and defense. Ensuring your cells have gas in the tank is essential to healthy aging.

Heart Health

Your heart is also comprised of cells, and they require a lot of energy to keep your heart pumping. A healthy diet and exercise coupled with daily Tru Niagen is a great way to make sure you don’t skip a beat.

Muscle Health

A solitary muscle cell often requires thousands of mitochondria to operate. Ensuring your body has enough NAD+ gives your muscle cells the support they need for muscle health and recovery.


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