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Stay Focused

Many people confuse goals with wants. “I want to be rich. I want to be healthy. I want to be happy.” Those are good things to desire, but they are not goals. Being rich, healthy, or happy are conditions that you want to experience in your life. They are not goals. It’s important to stay focused. What ground do you need to be standing on before you’ll feel that goal come to fruition? Or, what things have to occur in your life before you know you’ve gotten there?

Maybe that thing goes beyond money and spreads across your entire life. After all, what is richness? Couldn’t that include feeling happy or healthy? Of course. It could be the experience of feeling loved or confident…or loving others. Richness is living life to the full. Given that, what things are needed to bring you richness? What things do you need to do? Where should you place your focus?

The Busyness

Life gets busy, right? And with the busyness of life comes distractions. Here’s an example: You go online, check your social media account to see what’s happening in the world with your connections and then there’s some cute little animal video. You click to watch it…”Oh, that was cute” and BOOM! The next video started. You find yourself drawn in, watch it and the next one starts…and the next one…and the next one. Before you realize it, 15-20 minutes of your life disappeared.

The same is true with career or business choices. Day 1: You begin with a certain level of excitement about reaching your future goals. Perhaps a little nervous, but hopeful. Then, some disappointment surfaces. What happens next? This next step is essential. Many people take ownership of the disappointment, claiming themselves and their direction as failures. Granted, we can all make errors or poor business choices, but this is not the time to quit. It’s time to stay focused.

The nervous moment is the time to look at the situation and identify things that worked and those that didn’t. What could be different, and what good things can be improved? What things (good or bad) take you off your path to reach your goals? If some things offset you from the road of achieving your goal, stay focused.

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Making Adjustments

It doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments and you have to stay in place, doing the same thing day after day. Always look to make things better but remain focused on your goal. Years ago, I started a therapy business and began helping women carrying the effects of long-term abuse. We were able to minimize the negative emotional triggers, yet more was needed. If a person doesn’t aim for a goal, they’ll fall back to the life they once knew. So, I added coaching to help them along. This adjustment supported my goals to help move my clients forward.

The Transition

A couple of years later, I looked at my practice and felt, even more, was needed. After a few years of working through some tragic abuse cases, it began to weigh on me. How could I be of help to others if I felt the internal stress? (Many therapists face these issues but don’t want to admit it.) I was invited into a cellular health business by a Naturopathic Doctor that referred clients for years. After seeing the incredible health turn-around in my life, I realized that this was the key to help my clients create the future goals they seek. I’m now able to help people create a successful health and technology business that will benefit them and offers an incredible income.

I tell this story because our response to the challenge shouldn’t be failure, but instead focus. What is the goal and what adjustments are needed to get there? In my business, I didn’t make a lot of changes at once. Along the way, I added steps to increase success incrementally. I’ll likely make changes along the way, adding or dropping some things. The key is to FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful.


Mr. Davis is the Director at the Center for Personal Leadership and Development in Charlottesville, VA. As a Certified Leadership Coach, Professional Life and Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach and Natural Health Practitioner he helps clients reach their goals and live a life of fullness.

He helps people create successful lives in an exciting cellular health and technology business. For more information or media inquiries, contact him Here.

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