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As part of the Video Library, “Life Near the Water” is a collection of Maritime images shot near Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, Newport, Rhode Island and North Carolina. Many of the images are captured using Infrared photography. There are multiple ways to capture infrared. The approach used here is with a specially-modified camera that removed the bypass filter and replacing it with an infrared filter. I hope you enjoy the video.

Photo Walk Through Buchanan, Virginia

Take a walk with me as I capture the remnants of an old Virginia town called Buchanan. I capture the many interesting colors, textures of doors, walls and architecture hanging onto life in this historic town. Buchanan, Virginia is known for its historic swing bridge.

Swannanoa Palace - A Life Once Lived

Photography by Anthony M. Davis of the once thriving Swannanoa Palace atop Afton Mountain, near Charlottesville, Virginia. The years have taken a toll on the carefully constructed structure. One artistic masterpiece remains, a Tiffany stained glass window.

Roadmap to Happy Living

This video shows a road Map to live a happy life. The Center for Personal Leadership and Development helps victims of abuse; military, law enforcement, and their families. A professional coaching and Hypnotherapy practice, clients arrive from all over the U.S.

The Black and White Collection

Fall Colors - Photographic and Painted Art

A Photo Trip to Valle Crucis, North Carolina

Art in Red

Miniature Horses in Virginia

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