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When life gets in the way, or unhelpful people impede your joy of life, itโ€™s easy to become stuck. The way forward is professional coaching. Within the coaching profession, there are coaches for just about anything you want to do.

How is Professional Coaching Different Here?

Anthony M. Davis came from a difficult environment and overcame many things that could have held him back. The experiential factor allows him to recognize where you are and create physical, emotional and subconscious shifts. His latest book describes overcoming those years ย to reach new successes today.

When he first opened his therapy practice with abuse clients many years ago, he saw common areas where he could help to create positive change. His clients gained new confidence, and released fears and the affects of decades of abuse.

He frequently saw that abuse has no economic boundaries. Abuse exists within all sectors of our society. Heโ€™s helped free normal everyday people, leaders and celebrities. When clients were released from their past, he saw that without goals and direction, people return to what they know.

Professional Coaching Certifications

In order to assist his clients and help them achieve tangible value, Mr. Davis believes training and expertise is necessary to help a wide spectrum of the issues faced by clients. If unaddressed, success becomes limited.

Mr. Davis says, โ€œPeople can be taught things to do, but unless they see and feel the change within then, life isnโ€™t fully lived.โ€

He trained and certified as:

  • Personal Life Coach
  • Success Coach
  • Executive Leadership Coach
  • Stress Coach

Coaching and Therapy

Professional Coaching is not therapy and therapy is not coaching. As a Board Certified therapist that works with the subconscious mind, Mr. Davis is skilled at dealing with the deep, underlying fears and false beliefs that negatively affect our daily lives.

As the creator of the Transformative Life Centering process, he balances the work between the conscious mind of life with addressing the stumbling blocks of the subconscious. The result is a life of freedom and confidence to create and achieve new goals.

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