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A Countermeasure to Lyme disease

Lyme Disease – A Countermeasure

In this article, we look at Redox as a Countermeasure to Lyme Disease. Healthy goals often include both professional and personal wellness. You may be proficient in your career, but if you struggle physically, then the other parts of your life become pulled and stressed.

Annual Lyme Disease Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 30,000 cases of Lyme Disease are reported to CDC by state health departments each year. These reports are only a small number of the 300,000 people annually that actually get Lyme Disease. [1]

The Negative Effects

Untreated, the effects of Lyme Disease is life-changing in negative ways. Even with treatments of antibiotics, a person can struggle with headaches, rashes, body aches and joint, muscle and tendon pain, heart issues, brain and spinal cord inflammation, nerve pain, and more. [2] It’s not a pretty picture, and the result of one small tick bite can diminish overall wellness and the quality of your life. 

Creating a Countermeasure

According to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research study, scientists discovered that “oxidative stress and interrupted intracellular communication may ultimately contribute to a condition of mitochondrial dysfunction in the immune cells of Lyme borreliosis patients.” [3]  This is important because knowing a cause of the adverse effects of Lyme Disease then offers the opportunity to create a countermeasure to beat it.

Cellular Signaling

The “Intracellular communication” is where Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) come in. Our bodies create RSM naturally. Without them, we would not live until the end of this article. Their purpose is to assist cells that are weakened or damaged. The RSM amplifies the signal so that cells in need can, in effect, send out an alarm for help. The RSM then either repairs or replaces them.

Molecular Stabilization

For decades, scientists understood the value of Redox Signaling, yet attempts to recreate it left researchers struggling as it was unstable outside the body. Without the ability to supplement this critical molecule to increase cellular health, knowing about RSM meant nothing if it couldn’t be used. After a concerted research effort, RSM was finally stabilized, tested, validated, and patented. In 2016, Huffington Post declared Redox Signaling Technology as one of the “Five Emerging Technologies that will Shape our Lives in the Coming Years.” [4]

Declining Levels With Age

Today, there’s only one company in the world that holds the patent to manufacture stabilized RSM from their FDA-approved lab. This is an important point. After puberty, our levels of RSM production decline and continues to lessen from that point forward. The results are decreased cell signaling. As we age, we still have cells in need of repair or replacement, but without the amplified signal pointing to the damaged cells, overall health weakens.

Note: As stated above, there’s only one company with the patent to manufacture Redox from their FDA-approved lab. Foreign dealers sell counterfeit variants at online stores. Avoid those as you have no idea what you’re getting.

Increasing Antioxidant Efficiency

As noted above, both oxidative stress and interrupted cell communication contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction associated with Lyme Disease. A study conducted by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) noted at least a “500% improvement in the overall antioxidant efficiency” when exposed to Redox. [5]

Restructuring the Molecules

The company that manufactures Redox cannot make medical claims because Redox is not a drug;  they are restructured molecules that are native to our bodies. When a person supplements with RSM, cellular signaling is amplified, and the natural regeneration of our cells bring better health. 

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Regaining a Quality of Life

As a countermeasure to oxidative stress and interrupted cell signaling, RSM offers promising possibilities of easing symptoms. While this article doesn’t claim a cure for Lyme Disease, the cellular signaling properties of Redox, being non-toxic, non-allergenic with no interaction with medications, supplementing offers a potential quality of life increase.

If you or someone you care about struggle with the effects of Lyme Disease, it can’t hurt to try Redox and begin the vital work of restoring health. Contact Me Today to get started with Redox.







This article makes no medical claims or advice. Changes to your medical care should always include a discussion with your medical professional.

About the Author

Mr. Davis is the Director at the Center for Personal Leadership and Development in Charlottesville, VA. As a Certified Leadership Coach, Professional Life and Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach, and Natural Health Practitioner, he helps clients reach their goals and live a life of fullness.

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