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An Important Note about the Forms:

Prior to Our Hypnosis Session Beginning, there are numerous forms which need to be completed and submitted a minimum of TWO DAYS Prior to Our Session. The reason being is that each session is personalized for YOU. If you can, get the forms completed and submitted before that time…the earlier the better. I will review the forms and develop an approach to help you be successful. Realize that I am working for you before we ever meet. 

Our Hypnosis Sessions are in a real sense, a Partnership where we Both Work Together to Achieve Positive Results in Your Life. Each of the forms ask pertinent questions that will help me to help you. Expect to take approximately 20-minutes to complete the forms. Having these done beforehand eliminates extra time on the date of the session, and therefore save you from extra fees. Many Hypnotists charge an extra fee because of this extra time – I don’t. We will still take extra time during our first session but having the forms done ahead of time benefits you because we’ll have more time for the real work.

If something comes up and you are unable to complete the forms at once, just complete (and click the “Next Page” button) on the form you are on, then contact me via email. I’ll check the system to see which forms were received and I’ll send you a link to continue on to the end.

Hypnosis can be very beneficial to you. Yet, just as there things I must do to help you, your part consists of:


  • Wanting to be Hypnotized.
  • Have an Expectation of Success.
  • Be Willing to follow My Suggestions as I Guide You to Success.
  • Don’t Analyze every Step.
  • Just go with it and let the Process Work.
  • Provide me with the background I need to Help You…and that comes with ensuring each of these forms are Completed at least two days before our session begins.


Our time together needs to be efficient – not spent filing out forms. If a person is unwilling to complete all forms that could indicate an unwillingness to work together and I may not be able to see you. 

Direct Form Links

Each of the forms will transition to to next required form upon clicking the “submit” button.  Yet, there may be times when you are unable to fill out all the forms during a single visit.  Posted below are direct links to each of the required forms.  It is important however, to complete whichever form you are on and click the “Submit” button.  Otherwise, the information posted will not save.  Then, you can always come back to the next forms to complete the submission.

To get started, press the button below to begin.

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