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Coaching That Makes You Unbelievably Successful

What Coaching Is, What It Isn’t and How You Can Benefit.

Ornate text separatorIt doesn’t matter what path you’re on, coaching can make all the difference and take you to successively higher places in life. As a leadership and success coach, I help people overcome the obstacles that hold them back, identify new goals, and then take the right actions to achieve them. Each success plants a new seed for the next achievement. My clients see significant benefits when we work together, coaching for your unbelievable success.

There are so many people hanging up a shingle and calling themselves a coach. You could swing a pool noodle in any direction and hit a coach. It’s important to understand p what coaching is, what it isn’t and how you benefit in a success-building coaching relationship.


How and Why I Became a Coach

For years as a Board Certified Therapist, I worked with women from all over the U.S. coming from tragic abuse situations.

Through our therapy work, they were seeing remarkable changes in their lives. We were undoing the internal subconscious damage of decades of abuse.

While that was great, I recognize that people return to what they know unless we can show them how to identify the life they want and how to get there.

Coaching for Success

Your Life's Dream

Decorative Keys

We all have talents, skills and special abilities; some are obvious, we hide others amidst the noise of the world. If we don’t take action, those unique qualities might remain invisible, and then time runs out.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t spend your life wondering what it would be like “If I could only __________.

To enjoy a life is to live it. I realize that sounds cliche’ but it is true isn’t it?

What if I were to ask you, “What’s your life’s dream?” You might call out a certain lifestyle, a place to travel, a career accomplishment, strong relationships with family or loved ones.

Now, what if I asked you, “What goals are you going to set to get there?” This is where most people become stuck. This is because they don’t many see themselves in that dream because they don’t see the talents within them. When we work together, I help you see yourself in that life so you can attain it

The Results of Coaching

This is where Professional Coaching helps you enjoy unbelievable success in your life. When working with clients, them as they incrementally enjoy new results. With each positive step forward, you can:

  • Gain a new confidence, allowing them to design their life intentionally.
  • Set goals without hesitation and achieve them.
  • Communicate with people more efficiently, creating strong interpersonal and professional relationships.
  • Create an effective work-life balance.
  • As proficiency increases, you can diminish stress and worry, and create a calm and healthier lifestyle.

Make Choice to Act

There are many benefits available both personally and professionally when taking part in a Professional Coaching experience.

Given just a few of the benefits noted above, these can lead toward new life successes.

like a boss

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a unique, confidential, professional relationship intended to help people discover and achieve realistic goals that apply to their lives. Many people when asked, “What are your goals?”, they would stumble. In our fast-paced environment, it becomes very easy to get lost in the flurry of activities around us.

A Professional Coach asks deep, probing questions that many haven’t previously asked of themselves. This approach helps to recognize internal skills and resources, then gain new clarity, focus, motivation and confidence. These steps produce positive results quickly. Coaching provides the tools, support and capability to go beyond where a person is and achieve goals in their personal or professional lives.

In my practice, I do the most coaching sessions via telephone or Zoom, allowing greater flexibility of scheduling and opportunities to foster national / international reach.

What Coaching is Not

Therapy. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching does not include working on psychological issues or attempting to investigate the reasoning behind human behavior.

While a person may gain a greater realization of emotional triggers and subsequent behavior during professional coaching sessions; that’s not the focus of the coaching relationship.

During the coaching sessions, we incrementally work toward awareness of personal and professional goals, where they are now and develop a pathway toward accomplishment. That’s a unique benefit of coaching vice some of the other modalities listed here. Through their own awareness, they become empowered to expect and achieve results.

Consulting. Coaching is not Consulting. While there are many important needs for consulting, it doesn’t provide the important benefit of coaching: Personal and Professional Empowerment. In a consulting environment, they lay the issues in the consultant’s lap. They are told, “Here are the issues. Tell me what to do to rectify them.

In a coaching environment, the coach and the client form a partnership to identify goals and implement changes to achieve results.

Sports. Professional Coaching includes many aspects found within a sports coaching environment. In particular, the concept of being part of a team, identifying areas in need of improvement and subsequently focusing on being the very best.

A primary difference, however, is that sports coaching focuses upon competition and considers the “win-lose” scenario. Someone has to lose in that scenario.

In a Professional Coaching environment, sometimes competition applies in sales or other business goals. Yet, in a success coaching environment, the client benefits both personally and professionally when they can succeed with a win-win approach.


Do you feel like your life is in a maze, bumping into walls? Or is your life on the straight road to success? Here’s a quick self assessment to identify where you are in your life.

A person writing

Self Assessment
Consider the areas noted below. Where are you in your life today? Use the following measurement system:

1 Star = I REALLY need help in this area. 5 Stars = I'm doing okay in this area.

Your Life Today

Count Your Stars

If You Have 40 or Less Stars Selected, then You are a Candidate for Professional Coaching.

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⭐️ About the Author

Anthony M. Davis is a Leadership, Success & Stress Coach, Board Certified Therapist, Top-100 International Travel Photographer. As a Coach, he helps people just like you overcome obstacles & reach their goals. His free book, “Keys to Your Success” is available now.

For Coaching Availability, Contact him HERE.

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