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Create Your Life in Detail

Create Your Life in Detail

At the very beginning of this series, we discussed the natural law that says the things you think about are the same things you attract. When considering the power of attraction, let’s compare with the attracting power of a magnet. Create your life in detail. The stronger the magnetic energy, the stronger the attracting qualities. Considering our thoughts as an attracting mechanism, we can increase the power by the realism and accompanying feelings that come with those thoughts.ย 

One way that you can increase your power is through journaling your goal with detailed descriptions of what it looks and feels like. For this example, suppose your goal is a home on the beach. Don’t settle for a description like, โ€œI want a white house on the beach.โ€ That’s taking the easy way out.ย ย 

Within our minds, we move around 60,000 thoughts per day. Itโ€™s time to focus the priority thoughts (our goals) by putting energy into them. Those thoughts and their power to manifest overrides the daily insignificant mental rumblings that get in the way of your progress.ย 

Write down, in detail what the home looks like, the type of materials, the view, the sounds, who lives there, who visits, describe each and every room with all the details you can describe of the home you want. Continue to focus and build until it starts to become real in your mind. The more intently you bring it to life, both in your mind and your body. When you experience physical feelings of excitement, it becomes real in your subconscious mind.ย ย 

As a Board Certified Hypnotist, I see this all the time. Realistically you could say that hypnosis is intensively focused on thoughts that allow the subconscious to accept detailed suggestion as a reality. I see this all the time. I primarily work with abuse and stress clients, along with people that are searching for success in their lives. When we neutralize the negative emotional triggers that held them back and replace them with the positive awareness of an exciting and dynamic future, they naturally attract it into their lives.

When you create the belief that your goal is available to you, you can create it. You then begin to live with an expectancy of attracting it in real life. Adjust and perfect the description of the life you want each day and right before sleep each night.

Then, donโ€™t be surprised when it shows up in your life.

ยฉ ย Anthony M. Davis

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