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Life of Purpose

Living a Life of Purpose

When we feed our minds with the world’s noise, it becomes easy to doubt ourselves. When we struggle with life’s challenges, we question our purpose in life. We get caught up in the spin around us…our career, family, health, school, finances, relationships, and hope. Hope that something in life will work out, and it will all be better. People that hope without action tend to sit and wait for change to come to them – and that creates lost time away from living a life of purpose.

Perhaps it’s best to focus on the description of your life, how it looks, feels and exists…your dream. When you dream, you are an active participant, yet the movement is still necessary to get from here to there.

Life – The Big Question

That’s the eternal question that’s flowed from each living person on earth. What’s the purpose of life? Sometimes discovering the meaning of something is best found by an awareness of what something is NOT. Life is not about causing the most harm possible, but rather, enjoying people and situations and blessings, and love and BEING a blessing to others. We attract kind people by being kind to others.

Some people will say the purpose of life is attaining a particular position or some other goal. While It’s important to stay focused on the finish line, always marching in a direction without enjoying the walk will leave a person feeling empty when they get there. Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of the journey.

Putting it to Action

It’s all about direction. There’s often a big difference between the dream life you want and the real life you live. Let’s clarify that dream a bit more. Find a quiet place and imagine for a moment that you now have all the time, money, or resources at your disposal to do anything you want.

    • What would you do to make the world a better place?
    • What is it that gives you a deep yearning within you?
    • Who would you help?
    • How would they benefit?
    • What could they now do to make the world a better place?
    • In your mind’s eye, how does that make you feel?

When you allow yourself to imagine being a change-agent and feel a sense of excitement, then you’re drawing closer to finding your purpose.

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Every Interaction Counts

Nothing happens by accident. Take time to notice each person and situation you experience today. What can you learn from that? What hidden clues are awaiting you? It only takes a slight breeze to set a sailboat on a different course. Your interactions today can be defining moments that guide you toward living a life of purpose.

About the Author

Mr. Davis is the Director at the Center for Personal Leadership and Development. As a Certified Leadership Coach, Professional Life and Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach, and Natural Health Practitioner, he helps clients reach their goals and live a life of fullness.

He is part of an exciting cellular health and technology business. His goal is to invite 10,000 people in the next few years into this breakthrough opportunity.

Are you an entrepreneur or someone that wants to make a significant positive difference in this world? Maybe you know someone that does. Reach out to me Today.

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