Feed Your Mind with Music and Breathe

Feed Your Mind with Music and Breathe

In this part of our series, “21 Smart Ideas to Reach Your Goals”, we look at the value of aligning your sense of peace. Realistically, none of the steps in this series are rocket science; they are all easy. Likewise, creating good self care habits makes living well much easier. Realistically, it’s an easy process to feed your mind with music and breathe.

Music can either energize or depress. While the music you listen to is really a matter of taste, calm instrumental tones helps to maintain a sense of peace, beauty, hope, reflection and energy. An important part of being kind to yourself is taking a slow breath.

To quickly reiterate the earlier post, what I refer to is abdominal breathing, sometimes called, “Yoga Breathing”. When you take a slow inhale, press your stomach out, then after a few seconds, exhale while pulling the stomach in. During this cycle, you automatically release anti-stress hormones.

You may not always have time during your day to meditate. Yet, incorporating calm music and abdominal breathing gives you an edge throughout your day. In spite of whatever pandemonium that’s happening, you can keep your positive energy up and create a habit of calmness in situations that previously may have stressed you out.

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