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Holistic Stress Reduction

Holistic Stress Reduction for Personal Growth

Holistic stress reduction is a way that can help you. In the busiest of times, we can find ourselves entangled in the threads of stress, contending with the weight of insecurity and the persistent fear of falling short.

Transformative Life Centering

While the work I do with Transformative Life Centering (TLC) is one of the fastest ways to reset a life, there are still some out there that feel change can only happen if they do it themselves.

I get that.

In TLC work, we work together, and I guide my clients through processes that work. Still, I’ve watched people chase lots of means to rid their stress and most end up in the cycle of being medicated. Since we have one liver, I believe filling it with chemicals is not the healthiest option. (I’m sure “Big Pharma” disagrees with me.)

While there are many that chase chemical or other substances for stress relief, fortunately I have had the privilege of helping many others.

Given that, this article gives you some holistic options to ease your stress, and helps you gain self-assurance and personal growth. Let’s get started with the easiest thing you can do:


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1. Mindful Breathing

Pause for a moment, take a slow deep breath for 4-6 seconds. When you inhale, press your stomach out. Hold it 4-6 seconds, then exhale 4-6 seconds. When you exhale, pull your stomach in. Visit my brief article HERE: that explains why this works. Pick up your free “Just Breathe” bookmark as a reminder during your day.


2. Find Refuge in Nature

Nature, with its timeless serenity, offers solace for the weary soul. Venture outdoors, beneath the open sky. Notice the colors, the scenes, the shedding of stress just by changing your focus. Let nature be your guide, gently unwinding insecurities and nurturing the seeds of personal growth.

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3. Mindful Movement

Invite the peace of mindful movement into your daily rhythm. Your body needs to move - not sit in stress with limited blood flow nourishing your organs. Beyond physical postures, movement is a gateway to self-awareness and personal growth. I used to work at a toxic organization that tried to own every second of our life.

We had two 15-minute breaks a day, along with a short lunch period. Yet, mindless managers would schedule lengthy meetings, and sometimes with an excited expression, say, “Oooh. Let’s have a working lunch.” Then, afterwards, they’d suggest the importance of self-care.

I made a point of taking my breaks for two restful walks away. Before making that choice, I had my first stroke, and I was a mess in that environment. Afterward, the walks were restful, my breathing was clearer, blood pressure went down, I slept better and lost weight. I also kept a set of stretch bands in my desk drawer to exercise my upper body. Allow whatever movements you choose to synch with your breath.

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4. Nourish Your Body with Holistic Nutrition

Your body needs and deserves nourishment. Go for natural, nutrient-rich foods that not only fuel your physical form but also contribute to mental well-being. This holistic approach becomes a cornerstone for self-assurance. You know what “Junk food” is… that’s not natural. In fact, nowadays, many products have labels that say, “CONTAINS A BIOENGINEERED FOOD INGREDIENT”. What does that even mean? They don’t tell you what that “Bio-engineered” product is. (I don’t think we really want to know.) I’m not a dietician, but I know to opt for fruits, vegetables and natural proteins.

While we may not consider water a nutrient, hydration is critical. Without it, we die. Without proper hydration, our organs lack the lubrication necessary to operate. It’s like your car. Take the oil out and you’ll be seeing a caution light soon.


5. Bring Joy to Your Life Through Gratitude Journaling

Close each day by journaling three things you are grateful for—a simple yet profound practice that shifts your focus from inadequacies to the abundance surrounding you. When you do this at night before bed, those thoughts are things that your subconscious mind uses to prepare your day the following morning. This becomes a lantern guiding your way to personal growth.

Some Final Thoughts

These holistic stress reduction techniques are not mere practices; they are invitations to rediscover the strength that lives within you. Will these take the place of Transformative Life Centering and minimize fears, ease your past and coach you through an exciting future? No.

The five simple techniques I shared with you today are low cost or no cost.

I do this work because I want to see your life move past struggles of today, and have a better tomorrow. If you have fears, past trauma, struggle with confidence, or feel challenged in a toxic work environment, then I understand.

I’ve been in all those places. That’s why I do this work.

These five tips can turn on the engine that drives you forward. If you want to go further and create change, then reach out to me at my contact link.

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For now, take an honest look at your life. What things recently or decades ago changed your life’s trajectory? Whether you work with me, or just start with the simple techniques in this article, just start somewhere.

You deserve a better tomorrow.

A Source to Help You…

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Anthony M. Davis is a Certified Leadership, Success and Stress Coach. He is a clinically trained Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

He has earned a national reputation for his Transformative Life Centering work with clients from across the nation. His unique approach helps clients remove underlying fears and triggers, and then, through coaching, helps them pursue and accomplish life and career goals.

He provides Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions remotely through Zoom. If you have challenges and are ready to move past them, Contact him Here to create the life change you desire.

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